Extending certified Parker distributor contract.

Extending certified Parker distributor contract.

"A. Nobel & Zn. is a crucial partner for Parker in Hydraulic Filtration & Fuel Filtration (Racor), making it an essential link in delivering high-quality products," — according to Parker Hannifin.

We have been a certified distributor of Parker in the highest grade for a long time. With the extension of the agreement, we continue our collaboration. With a history of 55+ years, we have proven to be at the forefront in the hydraulic and filtration industry, providing high-quality products and services. This has contributed to establish a respected name in the maritime sector. Our core values, including innovation, quality, and customer satisfaction, align seamlessly with the principles of Parker Hannifin.

"A. Nobel & Zn. is known for its expertise in hydraulic and fuel filtration. They deliver advanced solutions that significantly improve the efficiency and lifespan of equipment. These products are designed to perform under the most demanding conditions and meet the strictest industry standards. Additionally, A. Nobel & Zn., together with Parker, continues to push the boundaries of technology by promoting the latest products from Parker arising from continuous research and development," — according to Parker Hannifin.

We take pride in our collaboration with Parker Hannifin and look forward to its continuation.
Together, we shape the future of the hydraulic and filtration industry.

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